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Structured Media Solutions


Our Structured Media Solutions are part of the Leviton Integrated Networks range and are designed to organise and distribute these technologies throughout your new home using a central wiring system and application modules for Internet, Home Office, Video, Stereo, Security and Surveillance. This gives you greater control and flexibility of
familiar services such as Telephone and Satellite TV, and introduces new services such as Home Computer Networking.

A Structured Media Solution will make your new home the easiest to use and help to make it the most enjoyable place you have ever lived. It will also add resale value should you ever decide to sell.

Our solutions are completely modular and are only limited to your imagination. We know building a home can be a costly experience, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the latest technology. With a Structured Media Solution, you only fit off what you are going to use today, so create that wish list and we’ll help you fulfil it when the time comes.